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Measure transformation success with Jira Align

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Tina Behers

VP Enterprise Agility, Aligned Agility



Struggling to track the progress of your transformation?

With the myriad of tools, processes and ways to approach large scale transformations, it can be very difficult to measure their success. Atlassian’s Jira Align is a powerful tool helping enterprise companies scale agile practices— but how does it help you track your transformation and ensure you’re always on the right path? 

Join us for this webinar where we’ll uncover the ins and outs of using Jira Align to measure what matters and drive your transformation forward. 

In this event we'll cover

  • The most important metrics to measure in any agile transformation 
  • An overview of the Jira Align platform, mapping out the different ways the tool can be used to measure key metrics using OKRs  
  • How to use key reports within the tool and continuously track your progress


Tina Behers

Tina Behers

VP Enterprise Agility

Tina is a Lean-Agile Transformation Professional, and an accomplished Business Leader with a proven ability to successfully create and execute value. As one of the first employees of Agile Craft before it was bought by Atlassian and became Jira Align, Tina has been with the agile tool since the very beginning. Her knowledge of Jira Align - not just the ins and outs of the tool - but how it connects to real business value and provides visibility across the enterprise is second to none.

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